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Our St. Louis addiction treatment program is geared towards the individual needs of every patient that comes to us. We realize that addiction is too complex for a standardized solution, so we personalize your recovery to meet your individual needs.


We realize that most people cannot take enough time out of their busy schedules to manage their recovery. With St. Louis Suboxone Doctor, you don’t have to. We offer flexible scheduling, including nights and weekends, which gives you the opportunity to access proven treatment that fits with your daily schedule.


Recovery from addiction is extremely difficult. Many patients have tried and failed to get clean in the past. Our staff understands that fighting addiction is an uphill battle, and we are here to support you, and stand behind you 100% to help you reach your goals

Accessible Care

Besides our flexible office hours, we encourage as much contact as is necessary between patients and the addiction treatment professionals handling their case to ensure their success. With our set monthly fee, you’ll get unmatched access to our suboxone doctors and treatment professionals in St. Louis.


Your recovery is our #1 priority. When you trust us with your care, you are guaranteed top-notch medical and personal treatment. This means that your privacy and our discretion is guaranteed.


Suboxone is an FDA-approved treatment for opioid addiction and dependence that combines Buprenorphine and Naloxone with aims to ease the process of detox. Buprenorphine is a partial opioid agonist that blocks the effects of other opioid substances, while Naloxone prevents misuse of the drug.

Suboxone is a strip, placed under the tongue that is clinically-proven to help those addicted to opiates recover effectively. At St. Louis Suboxone Doctor, we work with you to provide the right combinations of medication for your treatment needs and budget.

About St. Louis Suboxone Doctor

As an experienced, Board-Certified Emergency Room Physician, Dr. David Greengart has an extensive and unique understanding of how addiction affects individuals. Treating people for a wide variety of needs has helped him become an expert in finding a personalized solution for each patient. He knows that no two people have the same experience, history or path, and he works with you to make sure you understand each step of your recovery program. Patients in need of quality addiction treatment want a confidential, personalized program that provides customized, compassionate care in St. Louis, so Dr. Greengart uses your specific experiences and medical needs to build a treatment plan for you. To help you live a normal life and uphold strong career and family relationships, we’ve adopted a flexible scheduling philosophy that makes treatment convenient to your lifestyle needs. Our Suboxone clinic is unique because of our subscription-style treatment — you can visit and call our practice as often as necessary to meet your recovery goals. We will help you succeed in your recovery.

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What to Look for in A St. Louis Suboxone Clinic for Addiction

Our team understands just how difficult the recovery process can be, which is why we provide you with the support, comfort, and attention you require in order to heal. Our suboxone clinic is a judgment-free environment where we’ll work with you on an individual level to set up a plan that meets your recovery goals. With our monthly payment plan, you can use the resources at our St. Louis suboxone clinic whenever you need them and have full access to our dedicated team of specialists. If you would like to learn more about us, or you’re ready to take the first step towards reclaiming your life from substance abuse, contact our addiction center today and we can make an appointment as quickly as possible.

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St. Louis Suboxone Doctor – Dr. Greengart

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Driving Directions to St. Louis Suboxone Doctor

We’re located at 6744 Clayton Road, Suite 305, Richmond Heights, MO 63117.

If you’re coming from the east or west, take I-64 to exit 33A for Big Bend Blvd. If you’re coming from the east, turn right onto Big Bend Blvd; if from the west, turn left. In a little under half a mile from the exit, you’ll pass Office Depot on your right. Just after that, we’ll be on your right, in the professional building.

If you’re coming from the north, head south on Lucas-Hunt Rd. When you dead-end into Dr Martin Luther King Dr, turn left. After about half a mile, turn right onto Kienlen Ave. Drive straight for just over 2 miles (Kienlen Ave will turn into N Skinker Pkwy and N Skinker Blvd as you go). When you see Stevenson’s Hi-Pointe AMOCO, turn right onto Clayton Rd. After just under a mile, you should see QDOBA Mexican Eats and Walgreens on your right. At that point, we’ll be on the corner on your left, in the professional building.

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